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A Sensory

The physical action of giving connects donors to a cause. The clink of the coin in the pushka is satisfying. Feeling the weight of the pushka, gives a donor a sense of pride. Yet with today’s online platforms and credit card machines, donors have lost the sensory experience of giving. Until today.

Pushka is a modern experience that allows the donor to give while all his senses are engaged. Pushka is a simple device that reconnects your cause with your donors.

You’ll love Pushka.

Total Control
Donors get to customize amounts, frequency and rules.
Educational Value
Pushka is an opportunity to involve the whole family in the experience of giving.
Heartfelt Giving
A liberating way to give when donors feel connected, not forced.
360 View
To track your donor’s behaviors and giving patterns to maximize your fundraising potential.
Full Analytics
Get full analytics and reports of your organizations Pushka income.
Low Maintenance
Easy upkeep, software upgrades and management, with features built right into your existing DRM softwares.

Pricing built for organizations of all sizes.
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+ 5.0%
+ 5.0%

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Annual Projection
If you raise
$50 p/month from
500 Pushkas

Fee to start Pushka: $7.50 + 5% month/device

Fee to start Pushka: $60 + 5% year/device

You’d receive
$52,142,880 in
your bank account.
Annual ROI
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Total fee (Includes Pushkas & fees): $5,607,144

Always know
what you’ll pay.

Access the complete platform
with a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing



No Minimum, Setup or Hidden fees

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